A simple implementation of the Network-friendly Epidemic Multicast (NeEM) protocol.


net.sf.neem Provides a simple and safe interface to NeEM targeted at the application programmer.
net.sf.neem.impl Contains building blocks of NeEM for protocol development and customization.


A simple implementation of the Network-friendly Epidemic Multicast (NeEM) protocol. This implementation is open source. Go to the NeEM homepage for licensing details, further documentation and download of the latest version.

The NeEM library provides an implementation of epidemic multicast (also called probabilistic or gossip-based) in wide-area networks by using multiple TCP/IP connections in a non-blocking fashion. The resulting overlay network is automatically managed by the protocol.

Epidemic multicast protocols achieve stable high throughput regardless of node and network faults and scale to very large numbers of participants. The resulting protocol can be used for event dissemination to a very large number of interested parties.

Implementation is based on Java5 and takes advantage of the NIO interfaces to maintain multiple network connections without threading overhead. The goal of this implementation is to be small, self-contained, and practical.

Look at package net.sf.neem for a simple and safe application programming interface. Package net.sf.neem.impl contains protocol building blocks that can be used to build customized epidemic protocols.

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