Network-friendly Epidemic Multicast



The seeds project provides feed caching and dissemination that leverages social networks in order to perform aggregation of interests and also to promote discovery. The actual feed distribution is done using peer-to-peer protocols such as NeEM.


A simple tutorial application described in detail in the on-line documentation shows how to join a multicast group, send, and receive messages. The result is an interactive chat application with a simple console interface. Included in the demo applications package.

NAT Traversal

Modified Chat application demonstrating NAT traversal with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP™) using the SBBI UPnP library. Included in the demo applications package.


Utilities to setup large NeEM networks for testing and performance evaluation. Included in the demo applications package.

Management/Visualization tools

Monitoring and management applications using JMX allow protocol parameters to be changed in runtime and portions of the overlay network to be dumped to a Graphviz file. Included in the demo applications package.


NeEM is supported by jGCS, a generic interface to group communication services. Applications that run correcly with probabilsitic reliability can therefore be ported to NeEM simply by editing configuration files.